Coming Soon – Chuckfest 3!

September 21, 2011

And it's gonna be awesome!


Okay, Chuck fans, there’s still one more month left until our show comes back. Yeah, I know it’s hard, but never fear, there’s some exciting Chuck news on the horizon.

Who here remembers Chuckfest? For those of you who don’t know, it’s an event, beloved by many fans, where folks get to hang out and meet members of the cast and crew while also raising money for charity. There were two of them last year (sadly we didn’t get to go) and everyone tells us that they were amazing and ridiculously fun. Now, with season five just around the corner, a third Chuckfest is being planned. Wanna go? Well we’re passing along the details just for you guys!

Chuckfest3 will be held on Saturday, November 5th. The actual location has not been released yet, but it will be somewhere in Los Angeles. Upside for those in far-off locales? Now’s your chance to plan a vacation in (hopefully) sunny Southern California. 🙂 All fans are invited, but you will be responsible for your own travel and lodging. As always, the event will include awesome activities, raffles, SWAG (yay!) and, most importantly, a meet and greet with members of the Chuck cast. Since this is a fundraiser, tickets will be $300 (on sale Thursday, 9/22 at noon EST), and all proceeds will benefit Operation Smile. Ticket sales will be run through a secure ticketing site and a link will be provided HERE once the sale begins.

So, you say, I’d love to go, but that’s not quite in my budget. Well, the event organizers have taken that into account. Once the regular tickets are sold out, a few additional tickets will be raffled off for a $20 donation. And yes, you’ll be able to enter as many times as you’d like. The raffle will be held 3-4 weeks before Chuckfest 3 so that winners will have time to make any necessary travel arrangements.

For more information, please click HERE. Credit for this awesome event goes to the We Heart Chuck Team, a dedicated crew who has worked hard to pull this whole thing together. If you have any questions please direct them to @ChuckMeFridays, @NerdTweetUp or @SerendipityWAF. Have fun, guys!

We salute you, Zac! 🙂 Thanks for being awesome!


Did you know Zachary Levi’s birthday is coming up on September 29th? Okay, okay, I’m sure plenty of you did. But maybe you’re wondering how you can help him celebrate? Well, our friend Hayley over at has come up with a way for you to join in the fun.

As many of you have already heard, Zachary Levi is a huge supporter of Operation Smile. This wonderful charity helps children smile all over the world. And if you have children in your lives, you can appreciate what a beautiful gift that is. So, in honor of Zac, a page has been set up where you can donate. A $2,000 goal has been set and we’re hoping to reach it by Sept 29th. What better way to say “Happy Birthday” to the guy who makes us smile, week after week? You can also choose to leave a message for Zac in the guest book. Let him know you stopped by! Those who donate will also receive a free Chuck postcard from Hayley.


Click here to donate!


But the celebration doesn’t stop there. Hayley has also set up a special birthday project that fans can participate in. For more information, send a blank e-mail to and she’ll get back to you with details.

Thanks again, Chuck fans! We hope you know how much your generosity continues to amaze everyone! You guys are awesome!

In Case You Missed It…

August 18, 2011

Did somebody say "Chuck videos?!"


Well guys, summer just keeps chugging along. Many of our younger fans are heading back to school, while the rest of us could only wish we’d gotten the whole summer off to go outside and play (yeah, sometimes being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, am I right?). But over in Chuck-land, there’s been quite a bit going on. I don’t know about you, but between work, life and the fact that there are no new episodes to center our conversations around, I think we’ve missed some of the news. So now it’s time to scroll back through our Twitter timelines and see just exactly what’s up with Chuck, its cast, its crew and its wonderful fans. And since we know so many of you are busy as well, we thought we’d collect some of the latest news and videos here. Enjoy!


Watch the fun from San Diego below!


1. The full Chuck Comic-Con panel is now online!

Yes, yes, we know it’s been up for awhile now, but we were too busy recovering from the actual event and therefore haven’t gotten a chance for a full rewatch yet. But HERE it is, in all its awesomeness. Watch, enjoy and try not to cry! INTL viewers if you can’t see it, we’ll give you a clue about where to check next. Its initials are Y and T.

2. Experience the joys of Nerd HQ!

So you have heard us talking- a LOT– about Nerd HQ. How could we not? It was amazing! Well if you missed it, never fear! Break Media and the Nerd Machine have posted several videos that describe the day-to-day goings-on down in San Diego (start with day one HERE and work your way through). Unfortunately, the full panel videos aren’t up just yet. But with any luck, we’ll be seeing those soon!

3. Shooting has begun!

Okay, it actually began the week after Comic-Con, but it certainly deserves a spot here nonetheless. Yep, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin and the rest of the cast and crew have reported for duty. And if the photos they’ve been tweeting are any indication, season five is going to be a pretty fun ride!


From Joshua Gomez's Twitter account! Click on the image to see his tweet!


4. The Yvonne Strahovski interview!

Last week, one of our favorite actresses sat down for a live Q&A with her fans. What resulted was a fun interview that covered everything from her latest film (Killer Elite, which she’s currently promoting) to her acting idols, to this little show you might have heard of (hint, it’s called Chuck!). Watch as Yvonne entertains fans around the world with her Australian accent (yay!) and her all around awesomeness!


Click here to see the interview!


5. Chuck has a new friend on Twitter!

We are happy to report that a recent addition to the Chuck crew has joined our little Twitter community. @wendilynnmakeup is a new makeup artist on Chuck and she has been kind enough to tweet news and pics from the set almost daily. Be sure to give her a follow. Let’s make her feel welcome in the Chuck Twitter-verse!

6. Spoilers have arrived!

We won’t say too much about them here, since you know, we don’t want to spoil you. However, if you’re curious about what the new season has in store for us, feel free to read THESE tidbits from Ausiello. Still want more? Then check out IGN’s interview with Chris Fedak HERE.

7. Pre-Order Chuck Season 4!

It’s summer, but we can still show NBC and WB how much we love their show! How? Pre-order Chuck Season 4 on DVD or Blu-ray. Come on, let’s make sure our favorite spy moves up in the rankings! Click HERE to pre-order the DVD and HERE for Blu-ray.

8. New (unofficial) promos are here!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted any promos (at least ones that didn’t involve the campaign). But as some might recall, we were trying to spread the nerd long before #NotANielsenFamily came along :). So here’s a little something just for you guys. Ellie has finally finished her video for Chuck and Sarah (yeah, we know, Jeff beat her to it!). And we’re sharing it with you!

Chuck Promo – Ellie’s Video For Chuck & Sarah

Click on the image to watch Ellie's video for Chuck and Sarah!


And in case you missed it during Comic-Con, here’s a little video to thank you for joining us in the fight to save Chuck! You guys are the best!


Chuck Promo – Show Saved

Click on the image to watch "Show Saved!"


Let the fun begin!

July 20, 2011

Sarah's ready. Are you?


Well, Chuck fans, we now know that Season Five won’t premiere until October 21st. Yes, the wait is hard. But the good news? Today marks the beginning of San Diego Comic-Con. The creators and stars of the show will head south and hopefully give us a few tidbits on the upcoming season. So even if we’re still months away from an actual episode, there’s plenty of awesomeness to be had. Fans will be meeting up online and in person. It’s going to be a heck of a party, wherever you are. Scroll down to see how you can join the fun! And in the meantime go ahead and look back at the last few months, remember what you did, how you united to help save this show. And whether or not you’re in San Diego, take a moment to celebrate. Here’s a little something to help you with that and to thank you again for being a part of our #NotANielsenFamily.

Chuck Promo – Show Saved

Click here to watch "Show Saved!"



For those of you who can’t make it out to San Diego, don’t worry! We’ve got some awesome Chuck games just for YOU. Click HERE for more information.


For those of you who will be in town, make sure you stop by Nerd HQ, a fun-filled event run by The Nerd Machine. You can find more information about it HERE. Also, mark your calendars for 8pm, Saturday night when Nerd HQ will be hosting The Nerd TweetUp. Chuck fans from around the country (and maybe even around the world!) will be in attendance. Follow @NerdTweetUp to learn more. With any luck, we’ll see you there!


July 14, 2011

Can't go to Comic-Con? Take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. 🙂


Well guys, the big event is almost here. In one week Comic-Con will begin and thousands of Chuck fans will descend on San Diego. There will be parties and games and endless conversations about our favorite show. But we know that many of you are not able to go. We understand. People have jobs, budget restrictions, vacations, summer school, or maybe just a serious dislike for air travel. Still, we don’t want you to miss out on the fun. You guys tweeted with us and supported us and we are determined to include you as much as we can. You are a huge part of our #NotANielsenFamily, after all.

We fully expect that during the week of Comic-Con many of you will have your eyes on your Twitter feeds. The Chuck news comes fast and furious at this time of year. Various fans, websites and bloggers will be keeping you up to date on what’s going on. We’ll try our best to do the same. But we’ll also be running a few Chuck games on this site just for you guys. These games will be open to everyone (yes INTL fans, you are definitely welcome to play with us!) and prizes will be raffled off to those who submit the correct answers by email. For those attending SDCC, we ask that you just enjoy the game and maybe let those who cannot attend play for the prizes. Besides, let’s face it, you’ll probably be too busy collecting swag and watching panels to be online, right? But for the rest of you, we encourage you to join us and have a healthy dose of Chuck fun that doesn’t require a plane ticket or an SDCC pass. So keep checking back. We’ll have more details soon!

Meet Up At the Tweet Up!

July 11, 2011

We'll see you there!


So who’s ready to meet your fellow Chuck fans? Sure many of us talk online. We have chats across facebook or tweet back and forth, but it’s not often that we get the chance to gather in one spot and talk face to face. Many look to SDCC for the opportunity to do just that, but then there are panels to run off to or autographs to stand in line for. Where can you go to just hang out, grab a drink and toast to that fifth season we all wanted so badly?

Well once again the Nerd Machine has us covered. This year they’ve agreed to host a special tweet up at the awesomeness that is Nerd HQ. The party begins at 8pm Saturday and will run until closing. Fun will be had, games will be played, an amazing time is pretty much guaranteed. So if you’re in the area, please stop by. We’d love to say hi to you! For more information on this special event, please follow @NerdTweetUp. Hopefully, we’ll see you guys there!

Who's excited for this?


Remember how we all voted for a Chuck TV Guide cover so many months ago? Well, we didn’t get it back then, but guess what guys, our Chuck Comic-Con Special is about to arrive! Check it out HERE. Yes, the wonderful folks over at Warner Bros have teamed up with TV Guide Magazine to create collectible covers for some of their most popular shows. And as you might have suspected, that list includes Chuck!

So how can you score this very special TV Guide? Well if you’re at SDCC, this collectible magazine will be given out at the Warner Bros booth #4545 on the convention floor. For those of you who can’t make the trip to San Diego, never fear! They’ve thought of you too! Starting on July 12th (that’s tomorrow!) you can order your very own Chuck Comic-Con cover right HERE. You can also pick it up at your local news stand from July 21-28. Come on, you know you want one! 🙂


NERD is the word!

June 27, 2011

Calling all Nerds! You ready for a party?


Well, the time has finally come! We’re starting to get the first details about The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ and let us tell you, it sounds pretty cool. Those of you who were unable to score San Diego Comic-Con tix (and yes that includes us; we share your pain!) will be happy to know that this event is OUTSIDE of SDCC. Yes, you heard us correctly, you will not need an SDCC pass to attend. Pretty great, isn’t it? That right there has helped this event and its coordinators earn our undying love!

But that is only the beginning of the awesomeness! Nerd HQ is designed to bring the Nerds of the world together (and Chuck fans, this includes you). It’s a place where you can let your Nerd flag fly and partake in conversations about gaming, entertainment (Chuck!) and technology. Everyone is welcome to attend (though some age restrictions apply after 8pm). There will be games, there will be dancing and yes, there will be panels! Best of all, donations collected during the event will go straight to Zachary Levi’s favorite charity, Operation Smile. So you can have fun AND help kids smile.

If you’re the creative type, there is also a video contest. Entries are due by July 3rd, so get those cameras ready, guys. A word of warning though, all content must be original and your final video must be under a minute long. Have fun with it! We hope to see your masterpiece there!

Can’t go to San Diego? Well, we understand. And so do the good folks at Nerd HQ. They’ve partnered with Break Media, a company that’s all about digital content, to provide reports about the event for fans and nerds around the world.

So are you excited yet? Well, we’re just giving you a preview folks. Please make sure you visit The Nerd Machine’s Nerd HQ page for all the details. We also encourage you to follow @thenerdmachine on Twitter. It’s a great way to see live videos, learn about new merchandise and check in with some awesome folks, including our all-time favorite Nerd (yes Zachary Levi, we’re looking at you!).


This summer, they're heading out of Burbank!

So our two favorite spies finally tied the knot. The question is, where exactly will they go on their honeymoon? Well, we’re about to find out in a special new project for Chuck fans all around the world.

When we first started our #NotANielsenFamily campaign we noticed that one creative Chuckster had given our photo project an interesting twist. She had crafted her very own Flat Chuck and Sarah. Our favorite duo went shopping for products with her and even visited faraway places. The photos of their exploits were sent across Twitter much to our, and other fans’, amusement. And this gave us a new idea.

Chuck has fans all over the country and all over the globe. Maybe it’s time for Flat Chuck and Sarah to visit them all! It’s a great way to illustrate the diversity of this fan base, where people live, what types of activities they like to do. Plus, it’s just plain fun.

So how can you participate? How can you get Flat Chuck and Sarah on the vacation of a lifetime? It’s easy!

Craft your very own Flat Chuck and Sarah! @AliasAmelie24 was nice enough to provide the file she used for the original Flat Chuck and Sarah. You can find it HERE. Go ahead and print it out at home (some people have also printed it on their local CVS or Rite Aid photo machines). We tested an 8×10 version. It’s a bit pixilated, but our spies still look as cute as ever. For added strength, you can paste cardboard or poster board to the back, just in case you get caught in a breeze! Feel free to cut out the background or leave it as is.

Take your new friends on a trip! Whether you’re visiting a landmark, heading to the beach, pausing for some dinner with friends or just hanging out in your favorite spot, take Flat Chuck and Sarah with you. Grab a photo of them in some new environment, something that tells us a little bit about you. If you have a crazy office, take a shot of them there. If you live near the Eiffel Tower, get a picture of our lovebirds standing beneath it. If you’re having a birthday party, invite them along. It’s easy: hold up Flat Chuck and Sarah then grab the photo. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Share their escapades! Once you have your photo (or photos!) go ahead and tweet them! Let us know what you and Flat Chuck and Sarah have been up to. Please include the #NotANielsenFamily tag so we can find them and include them in the Flat Chuck and Sarah honeymoon album! This project will go on through out the summer, so keep on tweeting! You can send out as many photos as you’d like.


A big hello from San Fran!


#FlatChuckAndSarah were hanging out in San Francisco today! The weather was beautiful and we had a blast! (MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE A LINK TO YOUR PHOTO) #NotANielsenFamily
Okay guys, so are you up for this new adventure? Have fun with it! Let’s see how far our favorite spy couple can get. How many countries can they visit? How many great places will they see? How many new activities will they try? We can’t wait to find out!