Well guys, it’s back! One of our all-time favorite events, the famous Chuck / St Jude fundraiser, has finally arrived! You spent years trying to save a show. And we know it felt awesome each time you succeeded. But now you have a chance to save a child, to help a family and make a difference in the world. So imagine how amazing that will feel! Many of you have participated in this fundraiser before, so you know what we’re talking about. But for those who are newbies to the cause, let us explain.

Since 2010, Chuck fans have helped Bailey Browning (@LittleChuckFan) raise over $62,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Yes, $62,000! That money has been donated by people all over the world, often in $20 or $30 increments. When we all band together, we can do incredible things. And that is what this fandom is all about! Our show may be over, but we were gifted with a fantastic community that still lives on, and we’re paying our good fortune forward!

The goal this year is $22,718 (the amount of money we were able to raise in 2013) and the fundraiser is open to everyone, both US and international fans. No donation is too small. As we’ve seen in the past, it all adds up and it is all very much appreciated. And if our undying gratitude isn’t enough, there will also be a raffle shortly after the fundraiser ends on April 30th. You’ll find a list of the wonderful prizes by clicking on the image below. Anyone who donates is eligible to win.

Please click on the image below to see the raffle prizes.


So Chucksters, are you ready to be heroes one more time? If so, please help us spread the word and donate if you can. Let’s do something… AWESOME!


Please click on the image below to donate.

The fundraiser ends April 30th.

Click here to donate!

Click here to donate!


All New Video – “Join Us”


Please use this video to help spread the word! One of its creators, @KrisWatchesOn, will be donating ten cents for each of the first thousand hits, so email it, tweet it, post it, enjoy it!



Two years ago today, we said our teary goodbyes to Chuck, a show that changed so much, for so many.  And even though it’s been two years and even though Chuck’s run has ended, it is still with us.  Its story continues with the many people it touched and inspired.  Last year, with your help, we created the #ChuckLivesOn video to illustrate just that.  Chuck may not be on the air anymore, but by no means is it gone.  It lives on through each and every one of you.

So this year, when we were trying to figure out how to celebrate, we thought about all of those great legacies Chuck left us with. One of them, the idea of giving back, stuck with us. The generosity of the Chuck cast and crew, and the fans as well, is something we take pride in.  It’s one of our favorite things about this community. And what better way to celebrate and look back, than to give back? With that idea in mind, we called upon Chucksters everywhere to help with a rather unique Chuckiversary gift, one specially suited to the cast and crew that has given us so much.

Once again, you guys came through in a big way. We received pictures and stories from many different nations, showing how you have been inspired to give back and share in the spirit of kindness and fun that Chuck is known for.  We couldn’t be more proud of you and we hope you enjoy seeing the amazing impact that this community continues to have around the world.  Enjoy #ChuckGivesBack.



Let’s make a fantastic gift for these guys!


Well, guys, it’s been almost two years since Chuck officially left our airwaves. I’m sure many of you remember that night. The finale, filled with laughter and tears, was one you had earned thanks to a hard fought campaign for season five, and it was an emotional experience for all involved. Since then, January 27th has become a special day, giving us one more opportunity to celebrate the show we love. This past January, we remembered Chuck with a special #ChuckLivesOn video, using tweets from fans all over the world to illustrate Chuck’s legacy (while apparently making Zachary Levi cry in an airport-sorry Zac 😉 ). For this upcoming anniversary, we have a new plan. And we’re really hoping you’ll join us in it, because we promise you it has the potential to be incredibly… awesome.

So what is this new plan? Well, it involves giving back, paying forward the kindness the cast and crew have shown to us over the years. And it involves tapping into the amazing generosity that fans have so often demonstrated. Time and time again, we’ve been inspired, watching you all band together to support Bailey in her St Jude fundraiser or more recently Sarah Lancaster in her Walk To End Alzheimer’s. And let’s not forget the tens of thousands of dollars you’ve donated to Operation Smile. You rise to every challenge you’re given, no matter the size. So we’re giving you a new challenge, one that we think you’ll really enjoy. We’re asking you to help create an anniversary gift that truly reflects what Chuck and its fans are all about. And we’re calling it #ChuckGivesBack.

So how does this work? Well, on January 27th, 2014, we plan on releasing a video, hopefully one that includes all of you. This will be similar to the Thank You video we did in 2011. We’ve heard from many, MANY people over the years who still regret missing that project. So here’s another chance to be a part of something special! And for those of you who did participate in that video, you are certainly welcomed and encouraged to join this one as well. It may take a bit of effort on your part, but we think you’ll be happy with the results!


So here is what we need you to do!

(This project is open to ALL fans, both US and INTL)


1. Give Back!

Between now and Friday, January 17th we are asking you to find a way to give back, to donate your time or money to the charity of your choice, or simply help out someone in need. There are a million different things you can do and with the holidays coming, the opportunities are endless. You guys are a creative bunch, so please choose something that holds meaning for you and your family. The sky is the limit! But just in case you need some ideas, you can click HERE for suggestions.


2. Take a photo!

If you can, take a photo of you and your good deeds. This could mean posing with the toys you’ve collected for a toy drive, or taking a picture at the layaway counter where you’ve just paid someone’s bill. If you want to wear your Chuck attire, awesome! Want to get your family in on the action? Terrific! Once again, the sky’s the limit!

We do understand that in some cases photos might not be appropriate; for instance if you’re volunteering at a soup kitchen or a children’s hospital. Please use your best judgment. NEVER take a photo of anyone without their consent and be sensitive to the people around you. Also, be sure NOT to show any personal information on receipts etc. When in doubt, ask permission and remember that there are always other creative ways to capture the spirit of your gift, whatever that might be (if you’re volunteering at a hospital, you can always take a photo by the sign etc.). And while photos are definitely preferred, we will be accepting some tweets/emails without pictures (see below).

A few other notes on the photos:

-Don’t worry, we’re not going to judge you on your photography skills, but please try and make sure you have good lighting, especially if you decide to take the photo indoors. If you’re unsure, take a couple of photos, just to be safe.

-All photos should be in the JPEG format. Make sure to send the HIGHEST QUALITY version you have.

-Depending on the number of photos submitted and other technical factors, we may not be able to use every single photo we get (but we will definitely try!). Also be advised that this video will be shown in some sort of public forum, so please only send in photos you’re comfortable with the rest of the world seeing. By submitting them, you are agreeing to let us use them for this special Chuck video.


3. Write a tweet!

Using the hashtag #ChuckGivesBack, explain what you’ve done in a sentence or two. And include your picture if you’d like. This will help us get the word out and also encourage other people to join in. If people ask you about the project, please feel free to send them to this post. Get them involved!


4. Write an email!

This is very important because this is how your submission will find its way into the anniversary video. Send an email to Include in that email one or two pictures of what you have done. And like the tweet, please include a short sentence or two explaining it. (If you do not have photos, please submit a few sentences anyway).

Please also submit:

-your first name

-twitter handle (if you have one)

-state (for US fans) or country (for INTL fans).

This information may be included in the video.

Emails MUST be received by January 17th, 2014. Projects like this take a long time to edit, so unfortunately we won’t be able to accept any submissions after that.


5. Spread the word!

In order for this video to be successful, we need as many people as possible to participate. So if you’re active on tumblr, facebook or twitter, if you have any kind of blog or webpage, please post about it. You can send people here to get more information.


And in case you need an example of a photo plus a short description… 🙂


This year I organized a company toy drive! We collected over 100 toys for foster children and kids whose families could not afford them. #ChuckGivesBack


So that’s it, five steps! We know if any fandom out there could pull off a project of this size, it would be ours! And here’s the best part, the reason we’re tackling a video like this. With this effort, not only will you be honoring Chuck, you’ll also be changing people’s lives.

The show we are commemorating is all about being a hero. But you don’t have to be a super spy to do something heroic. You don’t have to fight an evil organization or disarm a bomb with fruit juice. 🙂 You can be a hero to someone just by caring and getting involved. Take Zachary Levi, for instance. We all love him, but not just because of his role in Chuck. No, we also love him because he is willing to stand up for a cause. We love him because of his spirit and his never-ending kindness. We see it in Zac and everyone else involved in this show. So what better way to celebrate Chuck than to spread that same kindness all over the world? What better way to remember its legacy and the many ways it has touched our lives?

So what do you think, Chuck fans? Are you up for the challenge? This is your mission! And we certainly hope you’re ready to join us!

For those interested in our earlier Chuck projects…




A Fan Tribute To The Cast And Crew of Chuck

We’re spreading the love… 🙂


Please donate HERE or read on for more information about the fundraiser and the raffle. Plus, you can watch a brand new video.

Well Chucksters, it’s that time of year, the time when we prove why we are one of the best fanbases around… even now, a year after our show has ended. Yes, Chuck has left our airwaves, but as we’ve said before, it continues to live on. It lives on in our rewatches and parties, in our gatherings at Comic-Con and Nerd HQ. It lives on in the cast and the crew, who continue to engage with us even as we follow them to new projects. But most importantly, it lives on in the generosity of the entire Chuck community. Our ability to raise money for important causes is well known and it is honestly one of Chuck’s greatest and most enduring legacies. This is how the show reaches out beyond Twitter and Facebook. This is how it touches lives all over the world. This is how it becomes, not just a TV program, but a rallying point for those who want to make a difference. Are you ready to do it all over again?


We’re fighting for kids.


Since 2010, Chuck fans have helped Bailey Browning (@LittleChuckFan) raise over $39,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Imagine how many children and families that money has helped. Imagine the critical research it has funded. Now we have a chance to raise even more. Bailey’s annual fundraiser will kick off on February 28th. Her goal this year is $21,610 (the amount of money we were able to raise in 2012). It’s a tall order folks, but as Chuck fans, we long ago learned to never, ever back down from a challenge. This fundraiser is open to everyone. If you’d like to join us, please know that no amount is too small. Whether you’re donating five dollars or one hundred dollars, whether you’re pledging your tips or your allowance or that extra twenty you keep in your wallet, it all adds up to something amazing.

And as if the warm and fuzzies you’ll certainly get aren’t enough motivation to jump in and help out, there will also be a raffle shortly after the fundraiser ends. You’ll find a list of the fantastic prizes by clicking on the image below. Anyone who donates is eligible to win.


Please click on the image below to see the raffle prizes.


So Chucksters, are you ready to band together once more? Are you ready to fight for this wonderful cause? If so, please help us spread the word and donate if you can. Let’s do something… AWESOME!


All New Video – “We Fight”


Please use this video to help spread the word! Its creator, @KrisWatchesOn, will be donating ten cents for each of the first thousand hits, so email it, tweet it, post it, enjoy it!

Note: The actual link for this video will NOT work on mobile devices. If you would like to send this video to someone who will be viewing it on a phone or tablet, please send them the URL for this post instead.


Please click on the image below to donate.

The fundraiser ends March 15th.

Click here to donate!

Click here to donate!




One year. One year ago today, millions of Chuck fans around the world wept as the moment we dreaded finally arrived. It was bittersweet as we bid farewell to Chuck Bartowski and co., bittersweet in that we had the chance to say goodbye, but were also sad to see them go.

Flash forward one year though and Chuck is still here. Granted, it may be in a different form now, but Chuck is still alive and well… in us. We’re still here; talking, sharing, and reminiscing. Maybe it was through Chuck that you met your best friend or were inspired to take a chance you never thought you would. Whatever the reason, Chuck holds a special place in each of our hearts. It’s hard to express exactly what Chuck has meant to us, but the great thing is, inside, we already know.

We asked fellow Chucksters to try and put into words the impact Chuck has had on each of them and with their help, here’s what we came up with.  We also have a BRAND NEW #ChuckLivesOn video at the bottom, so grab a grape pop and take a trip down memory lane with us.

Reading all the #ChuckLivesOn tweets. What a way to starts the day. Love to you all.
xx -Sarah Lancaster


It’s hard to summarize how much Chuck has changed my life. I’ve had so many amazing experiences and met some of the nicest and most generous people because of this special TV show.

#ChuckLivesOn because everyone needs a friend like Morgan Grimes.  -Damir

#ChuckLivesOn because everyone needs a friend like Morgan Grimes. -Damir

I discovered what being part of a fandom was all about. I went trick-or-treating in some really cool Sarah Walker costumes. I wrote letters to TV network execs, ate tons of Subway $5 footlong sandwiches and took part in trending hashtags to save this show. I learned to overcome my shyness and took part in several podcasts talking about CHUCK. I traveled to California not once, but FOUR times to attend CHUCK events. I’ve made friends with some of the nicest and most generous fans on the planet…Chucksters. I spent one whole summer making scrapbooks for Yvonne with messages from her fans. Got to be part of an amazing Goodbye Chuck video that left the cast, crew and fans in tears (Man, that was such a proud moment). I was also lucky enough to see firsthand how sweet, generous and down-to-earth the CHUCK cast are in real life.

But I think the biggest impact CHUCK has made on my life is that it’s inspired me to help others by supporting charities, particularly St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I’m extremely proud of the over $39,000 I’ve raised in 3 years for St.Jude with the help of the CHUCK cast and this crazy and loyal fandom.

So you see, CHUCK may be over, but the impact its made on our lives will live on for years to come.

– Bailey Browning

Reading all the #ChuckLivesOn tweets.  What a way to start the day.  Love to you all. xx  -Sarah Lancaster

#ChuckLivesOn in my family for the next 10-15 years thank to my dog “Eleanor Faye Bartowski Woodcomb Vento.” -Jenna

Many people will say Chuck is just a T.V show; but it’s much more than just a TV show to me. It’s hard to put into words what Chuck actually meant to me, but here’s the best I got. When I started watching Chuck Season 1 in April of 2010, season 3 was still airing, and I was unfamiliar with how quickly I’d fall in love with this show. With the help of a very good friend and my sister, they both convinced me to watch season 1, and so I did. I had never been so invested in any other T.V show and its characters in the first three episodes as much as I was for Chuck. I followed through and watched the first three seasons in just two months, not knowing what to do with myself, having to wait for Season 4. So I then joined twitter and dedicated my twitter account to Chuck in hopes for spoilers and other Chuck related news while I waited. I then became familiar with the most dedicated fan base in the world, and realized how much the fans cared about the show and what they were willing to do to save it year after year. You Chucksters know what I’m talking about. During that summer of 2010, I decided to watch the first three seasons again to help with the wait. This time around, I not only got my immediate family watching, but also got my aunt, uncle, and cousin to watch it as well. This show eventually brought my family closer together as we all fell in love with this perfect family show. We all gathered together to watch Season 4 every Monday night as well as Season 5 on Fridays. It’s only fitting that a show like Chuck that hinges on the importance of loving your family brought my family closer together. And I thank Chuck for doing that.

#ChuckLivesOn every time I yell "pinapple" in a crowed store.  -Eddie

#ChuckLivesOn every time I yell “pinapple” in a crowed store. -Eddie

​Furthermore, not only did it bring my family closer together, I also got to meet some of the most wonderful people and some of the most dedicated Chuck fans that I still keep in touch with. Chuck not only taught me how to love your friends and family, but also taught me not to be afraid of who you are. Stay true to yourself and eventually you’ll find happiness is a true lesson learned from Chuck. Going to Chicago for the Chuck panel, San Diego Comic Con for the last Chuck panel, as well as last year’s NerdHQ Chuck panel was probably the best times of my life. I wouldn’t trade those experiences I had for anything, and I’m so glad I got to meet the best cast in the world. Since Chuck has the best cast, it’s only appropriate that Chuck has the best fans in the world. It has been an honor to have been a part of the Chuck fandom and meet some of the great fans, and now friends, in San Diego or Chicago. This show, the cast, and you the fans, certainly changed my life for the better. So if you were to ask what Chuck meant to me, I’d say it meant the world to me, and still does. Thank you Chuck.#ChuckNotForgotten


Chuck lives on at my house! It made me love tv again, and we still watch episodes on DVD.  I love it when the nerd gets the girl!  -Mel

#ChuckLivesOn at my house! It made me love tv again, and we still watch episodes on DVD. I love it when the nerd gets the girl! -Mel

Where to begin? Chuck may have ended a year ago, but the impact it had on my life will last forever. I could go on for days about this show, but I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. For a long time I felt a lot like Chuck – working a dead end job, not sure how to get out of it or what I wanted to do. Perhaps that’s what drew me in… I could relate. As I became more and more involved with the show over the years I began to realize that I too, was capable of much more.

I was fortunate enough to have some amazing experiences through Chuck, doing things I never thought possible. I’ve made some amazing friends along the way. It’s a blast to get together and reminisce but also make new memories. Those experiences, this show, it lit a fire in me again and inspired me to go try and do what I wanted to do. I knew that I wasn’t living up to my potential and could do so much more. As cliché as it sounds, Chuck changed my life.

#ChuckLivesOn every time I'm listening to my ipod.  -Lea

#ChuckLivesOn every time I’m listening to my ipod. -Lea

Others may see Chuck as just a show, but all of us who’ve been lucky enough to experience it know it’s so much more. We know what it means to be a part of this Chuck community/family and how special that is. Whatever the impact Chuck had on each of us, it holds a special place in our hearts. For me, Chuck helped me to step out of my comfort zone and realize that I didn’t want to just settle anymore. It helped me push myself and grow, and for that I will always be grateful.


“You never give up, you never quit, you never stop for something that you love.”

This advice that Ellie gives to Chuck sums up how this show has affected me and changed my life. Just as Chuck struggled to find his place, I struggled, too. Through Chuck, I was introduced to a community of nerds via and WeGiveAChuck. I initially connected with a group of people over a television show, only to find out that we had so much more in common.

#ChuckLivesOn because when you find something you care about it's hard to walk away.  -Michael

#ChuckLivesOn because when you find something you care about it’s hard to walk away. -Michael

I quickly learned that I wasn’t the only nerd into running. I had been running for a couple of years and had considered running a marathon, but I was always too scared to go through with it. This new community encouraged me to try things I never thought I would. In the fall of 2011, prompted by some fellow Chuck nerds, several of us signed up to run the 2012 LA Marathon and created Team RunNerds! Although we couldn’t do our training runs together, we connected online and never felt alone. Four months later, I flew halfway across the United States for the race and met some of my new friends in person for the first time. I was instantly at home with these fellow nerds. Not only were my RunNerds there, but others from the community had come out to support us in our race, fundraising for Operation Smile and to just hang out. It was such an awesome feeling to be instantly welcomed and accepted.

#ChuckLivesOn because I just started watching and I love it!  -Elsebeth

#ChuckLivesOn because I just started watching and I love it! -Elsebeth

Prior to this, I had become unsettled with where I was in my life and was looking for a change. I instantly knew that this was where I was meant to be and who I was meant to be with. I had just flown across the country to hang out with people I had never met in person and ran 26.2 miles. I thought, why stop there? I no longer wanted to just settle and live a complacent life. I wanted to be in a place that I loved with people whom I loved. So, I decided to go for it! I am currently searching for a job in Southern California and will soon be living near my new found nerd family!

Because of Chuck, I have trained for and completed a full marathon. Because of Chuck, I have made lifelong friends and am moving halfway across the United States to be closer to them. Because of Chuck, I have learned that I will never give up, never quit, and never stop for something that I love! And my life will never be the same for it!


I never thought a television show could have such an impact on my life. Chuck started off as just a television show but it grew to be so much more. The show taught me that it was cool to be a nerd. I was always into nerdy things but always afraid to let people know because I didn’t want to be made fun of. I decided I was going to let my nerd flag fly and didn’t care what anyone else thought anymore.

#ChuckLivesOn every time someone asks me what my Jeffster shirt means.  -Corbitt

#ChuckLivesOn every time someone asks me what my Jeffster shirt means. -Corbitt

I’ve met so many incredible people because of Chuck and now I have the most amazing friends on this planet. I never would have been brave enough to go to SDCC for the first time on my own. Chuck is more than a show, it’s a way of life. It’s been a year since the series ended and Chuck is still strong in my heart. I love that I can quote a line from the show and people will know what I’m talking about. The Chuck fandom is quite possibly the best fandom ever. It is now a year later and we are still talking about Chuck. This fandom is stronger than ever and I am proud to say that I am a Chuckster for life!

– Erin @E_84

Chuck is the most heartfelt & brilliant show I’ve ever seen, thanks to all involved cast & crew. I never thought such a show would have such a huge impact in my life and I cant imagine what my life would be like without it (neither would I want to)!

#ChuckLivesOn every time I get told to wait in the car.  -Shayla

#ChuckLivesOn every time I get told to wait in the car. -Shayla

Part of what makes Chuck unique & amazing is the fandom which to me is a family that I’m honored to be a part of. The interactions, love, respect and adoration between the cast, crew and fans as well as the happenings and events because of Chuck is heartwarming and inspiring.
Chuck is the show that I and many others like me can relate to or at least aspire to be. The nerd gets the girl and his life is filled with numerous thrilling and unexpected adventures.
I’ve made great friends because of Chuck and feel like I have found a home and a place I belong, thanks to this great community/family of fans.

– Hillmy @YSPWNS4E

Chuck…once upon a time that was a word I used to describe the action of throwing an object with great force. Now it’s a name that makes my mouth quirk up into a smile whenever I hear it. For the rest of my life I will never be able to disassociate Chuck from the magical, if insane, journey that my life has taken and I couldn’t be happier. I started out as a sales rep and a simple, but passionate, fan and then something funny happened…I realized there were other people out there like me. Nerds whose love of an hour of escapist TV matched my own and who were willing to do anything to preserve that special hour in their week. I became connected to something bigger than me and suddenly a little idea that started on a Post-It was being spread by a legion of fans and covered by an array of bloggers, journalists, and media….and a nerd army was conceived.

#ChuckLivesOn every Christmas Eve when my brother and I sit down and watch Chuck vs. Santa Claus.  -Liz

#ChuckLivesOn every Christmas Eve when my brother and I sit down and watch Chuck vs. Santa Claus. -Liz

I’ve been blessed with the gift of walking with a mass of fellow fans to demonstrate our support and passion for Chuck by buying sandwiches…and leading that pack to Subway was Zac, who happily donned an apron and gloves to serve the people who were supporting him, the cast, and crew. Time and again, through Chuckfests, Tweet-Ups and Finale Parties the amazing cast and crew of this show have been willing to engage their fans on a level beyond anything I’ve ever seen or heard of in the entertainment industry…and for that I am eternally grateful. Through the charitable efforts of the Chuck cast, crew, & fans, we have created a legacy that has changed and improved lives around the world for children and families in dire need.

#ChuckLivesOn because you can't take the Nerd Herd from me.  -Matt

#ChuckLivesOn because you can’t take the Nerd Herd from me. -Matt

A year after Chuck has come to a final close, I’m most struck by the way that generosity actually transformed the direction of my life. I have discovered that I can’t be happy in life without helping others…and as a result, I’ve moved my life (from NJ to CA) and shifted career paths in order to find a profession that embraces my love of entertainment and philanthropy. I never would have found the courage and faith in myself to make those leaps without the urban family that I’ve made through the Chuck fandom over the past 3 years. I doubt there will ever be another show on TV that will rival my love for Chuck, because my affection for that show is tied inexorably with the friendships, memories, and experiences I’ve shared with this community. I love you all…simply put, you are awesome.


Wendy Farrington

My Chuck journey began with a single video. Literally, that was it. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to invest so heavily in a show that I would spend months and months fighting to save it. I didn’t imagine venturing into the craziness of social media or making friends all over the globe. I just wanted to do something fun and creative. Honestly, I was bored. And so, as Chuck’s third season came to a close, I fired up my computer and cut my very first promo, “Emails To Ellie.” There was never any plan to post it, but a friend eventually talked me into doing just that. He kept asking me “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” HA! He should have been asking me “What’s the BEST thing that could happen?” Because two and a half years later, that question seems far more appropriate.

#ChuckLivesOn because it was one of those shows you never forget.  -Chris

#ChuckLivesOn because it was one of those shows you never forget. -Chris

What started as one video, became two, then three, then ten, then twenty. I pretty much lost count after that. The more I edited, the closer I felt to this community I’d accidentally stumbled into. I joined Twitter and the world got bigger and smaller all at once. I talked to people in many states and many nations. I teamed up with Bailey to cut videos for St Jude, then watched in awe as fans raised tens of thousands of dollars for the cause. And then I met another girl who also liked to edit. And as Chuck’s fourth season began to wind down, we came up with an idea, one that would hopefully keep the show on the air for a little while longer. This is how #NotANielsenFamily was born. Two strangers who met over Twitter, designing a campaign over emails and DMs… Chuck has always inspired people to dream big, to take a leap of faith. That’s what we did. It all seemed insane at the time and I’ll admit to being totally exhausted during those weeks and months, but nothing was more satisfying than seeing an entire fandom rise up once again, just two short years after the epic Subway campaign. It was truly remarkable and I’ll never forget it.

What followed was just as surreal, attending the final Chuck panel at SDCC, going to Chuckfest 3, sharing the fan thank you video with the crew on set. These were amazing experiences. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that a show could lead to all this. But Chuck is special. It always has been. Like many fans, this show has had a profound effect on me. I see now that insane adventures can often have modest beginnings. I see that long shots sometimes hit their marks, that lousy odds are simply a cue to fight harder. I see that there is so much kindness and generosity in Hollywood if you just know where to look for it. Here’s a hint… look for it in anyone ever associated with Chuck. You’ll find some of the biggest hearts in the business; I promise you that.

#ChuckLivesOn because it was full of wonderful characters who feel like friends we don't want to forget.  -SDM

#ChuckLivesOn because all the characters kind of feel like the family I never had. Even Volkoff. -Linda

But where Chuck truly continues to amaze me is in the wonderful community that has grown up around it. This, I believe, is the show’s greatest legacy. This is the thing that still touches my life. I’ve made so, so many friends because of this show, some who are almost exactly like me, some who could not be more different. I cherish each and every one of them. They’ve all made my life better, more interesting, more fun. For one incredibly special year, I got to live the dream of every TV fan. But now, that rollercoaster has ended. There are no more episodes. There are no more sets to visit. Chuck, the production, is over and done with. But all those friends I made on this journey? The ones who have supported me, who have cheered me up on my bad days and laughed with me on my good ones? They’re still here. I talk to them every day. They mean the world to me. And I couldn’t be more thankful to the show that brought us together.

It all started with a video. It seems ridiculous to think of that so many years later… a video I never even wanted to post. But isn’t that the typical Chuck fan story? We all walked into this with no expectations, assuming we were just watching a program about nerds and spies… assuming we’d eventually turn off our TVs and forget all about it. And look what happened. Wow. Look what became of our little community. Look what became of our little show… It lives on in all of us, in these stories we tell. It lives on in our adventures, in our friendships. It lives on even now. And I think it will probably live on forever…

-Kris @kriswatcheson

#ChuckLivesOn because the show changed the way I watch TV forever!  -Sabreena

#ChuckLivesOn because the show changed the way I watch TV forever! -Sabreena


For all the many lives it touched and for all those it inspired, Chuck will always hold a special place in our hearts. And even though it’s sad Chuck is over and we miss it, we can’t help but smile whenever we remember all the good times we’ve shared with Team Bartowski and with each other. As the years pass, we’ll continue to tell stories, have meet ups, and share Chuck with others. Chuck’s legacy will continue to live on because WE are its legacy. We’re a living example of the impact one TV show can have. THAT is why Chuck lives on and that is an awesome reason to celebrate. So Happy Chuckiversary everyone… and aces Chuck, you’re still aces.

Chuck Promo – #ChuckLivesOn

Click here to go to #ChuckLivesOn video

Click here to go to #ChuckLivesOn video.


Ryan McPartlin discusses life post-Chuck and the impact that ‘the little show that could’ had on him.


Captain Awesome takes on a new 'active' challenge.


Since Chuck ended its run a few months ago, Ryan McPartlin has teamed up with, a new website that allows people to share some of their favorite activities within their communities. His goal? To encourage people to get out and try new things, whether that means checking out a local farmer’s market or taking in a baseball game. Currently, he’s traveling the country, trying out activities in different towns and cities and urging people to share what they like to do for fun… because who better to ask than the people who live there?

Last week we had the privilege of talking with Captain Awesome himself about, what he’s been up to post-Chuck, and of course,… Chuck!

Below are a few excerpts from our interview, so read on, reminisce, and while you’re at it, head on over to Learn a little more about your own community or post an activity you’ve enjoyed. Who knows, maybe Ryan will stop by some time to try it out! 🙂


Can you tell us a little about LiveLifeLocal for those who aren’t familiar?

Live Life Local (LLL), it’s a pretty simple concept.  Basically, Safeco Insurance has created a user-generated website called for people to get on there and post activities in their community that they’re excited about, that they want… you know whether it’s a farmers market, or a zip line or, you know, rock climbing, no matter what it is – just something that the users can take control of and get people active and involved in their communities.  So they asked me to team up with them and get the word out that LiveLifeLocal is out there now and for people to participate.  So we’re going around to different cities and I’m demonstrating some of these activities.  We’re going to be doing cardio tennis here in Atlanta tomorrow and then we’re going to go from there.  Just depends what people put on the website.

You recently did an arc on CSI: Miami, what was that like?

It was cool.  I mean, it wasn’t like doing Chuck and that was the idea.  I was just trying to do something that was a little different than Captain Awesome and kind of just branch out a little bit, but as I was there… it’s strange, you feel like you’re in somebody else’s home.  And you know, when I was doing other shows and TV movies, and movies and stuff before, I always felt like oh well, I still have my home to go to. And now that Chuck is gone it was a little, a little sad for me to go and see somebody else’s family and feel like my family has been, you know… all over the place now.  We’re still a family, it’s just we’ve left the nest. You know what I mean?

What made you decide to join Twitter and how are you liking it so far?

Well, to be honest, when Chuck came to an end I realized, I wasn’t hearing about Zac and Josh’s twitter feedback as much as I was.  Like I’d go to set and I’d hear what’s happening with the fans and so I wanted a way to stay connected with the fans and with my cast and find out what everyone’s doing in real time.  So that’s why I joined and it’s been a lot of fun.  I’ve had a great time, and it’s really fun to see around the world feedback from what’s happening with… where people are at in the different seasons of Chuck and… It’s just a good way to stay connected and talk to people and kind of take the middle man out of the equation.

To read the full interview and see what activities he’d recommend around Chicago, his thoughts on a Chuck movie, what he’d like to say to you, the fans, and much more, click HERE.

These guys did amazing things. Now it's our turn!


Looking back on our experiences as Chuck fans, there are certainly a lot of memorable moments. In 2009, a successful Subway campaign helped Chuck secure a third season and gave its fans a moment in the spotlight as the media took notice. In the years that followed, fans continued to rally for Chuck, writing letters, blogs and Facebook  posts, and of course, joining the #NotANielsenFamily Twitter campaign. The continuous and successful battle to save this show is an amazing part of the Chuck fan story. It’s something we take pride in. But perhaps the thing we love most about this fandom is its generosity. Even now, with the show completed, fans are continuing to step up and support causes near and dear to many of us. Chuck may be over, but the spirit of giving lives on within our community. And for the next week, we have a wonderful opportunity to join forces once more for an excellent cause.

In both 2010 and 2011, Chuck fans joined Bailey Browning (@LittleChuckFan) in raising over $17,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This year we have another chance to unite, to donate to this cause and to maybe, just maybe, change someone’s life in the process. Not only does this money go towards treating children with cancer or other catastrophic diseases, it also helps their families and funds critical research.

Chuck has always been a show about fighting the good fight and no one knows that better than the fans. Chuck no longer needs our help, but charities like St Jude could certainly use it. So let’s mobilize once again, Chucksters and nerds. It’s easy. Spread the word and donate if you can. No amount is too small. Are you ready to do something truly amazing?


All-New Video “Change A Life”


Please click on this image to watch "Change A Life."


Please use this video to help spread the word! Its creator, @KrisWatchesOn, will be donating ten cents for each of the first thousand hits, so please email it, tweet it, post it, enjoy it! Together we can change a life!


Please click here to donate.

The fundraiser ends May 11th.


Click here to donate!


Who wouldn't want to hang out with this guy?!


Alright guys, lately we’ve noticed a lot of Chuck fans looking for something to do. Chuck is over, so all that time spent scouring the internet for the latest spoilers and stories must now be diverted elsewhere. On top of that, the regular TV season is coming to a close and SDCC and Nerd HQ are still months away. But spring is here, summer is coming and now there are extra hours to fill. Why not get out and find some new activity to enjoy? Better yet, why not win a chance to do all that with Ryan McPartlin? That sounds pretty great, right?

So how does this work? How can you win a chance to meet the great Captain Awesome himself? It’s easy! Your first step is to visit This website features a growing collection of activities that you can try all over the country. The more activities people submit, the more activities you’ll see on their map. It’s basically a way to share some of the best aspects of your community with the rest of the world. Or maybe, while traveling, you stumble upon something truly… well “awesome.” And you can share that too. The best part? If you submit an activity THIS week (contest ends April 27th) you could win an adventure with Ryan McPartlin. Who better to introduce you to some new activity you’ve never tried before?

Okay Chucksters, you have less than a week to enter.  So if you’re interested, look around your town or think about one of your favorite trips. Then visit Check out the rules, follow the instructions, submit your activity and enter to win. We wish you all the best of luck! Have fun out there, guys!


As tweeted by @ZacharyLevi! Looks like fun, right?

Well, Chucksters, it’s been a long few months without our favorite show. We’ve heard from many, many fans who still miss the show dearly, people who still discuss their favorite episodes and still wear their chucks with pride (yeah, you can include us in that group!). It’s a tough transition, we know. But the good news is, many of the cast members have already moved on to new projects. So while you might not see them out there saving the world on a weekly basis, you will hopefully be seeing their faces again soon. Where? Read on to find out.

In case you haven’t heard from the many, many tweets and articles by excited nerds everywhere, Adam Baldwin will be guest staring on Castle tonight. That’s right, not only do we get the man back on our TV screens, but we also get to see him reunited with Nathan Fillion, his co-star from Firefly. If you’ve never watched Firefly, now might be the time to remedy that (hello Hulu Plus!). And if you’ve never seen Castle, well tonight would be a great night to jump in! Check it out, Monday nights at 10pm/ABC.

While Adam Baldwin enjoys some quality time on Castle, Zachary Levi is busy shooting Let It Go, a comedy pilot for Fox. The show stars Zac, Joel David Moore and Kat Foster. And we know at least a few Chuck crew members are working there too. For those of you not familiar with the television industry, pilots for major networks are generally shot each year during the spring. Just because a network orders a pilot, does not guarantee that the show will be picked up by the network, or even that the pilot itself will ever air. However, there is a decent amount of buzz about the show, and Fox must realize that Zac carries a built-in audience wherever he goes, so we’re certainly hopeful. The show’s fate will be revealed by the time the network upfronts roll around. In the meantime, you can follow Zac on Twitter for the occasional tweets and pics from set. Many of his new co-stars are also part of the online community. If you tweet them, please be kind and respectful. Show them how awesome the Chuck fans can be!

So, as the boys keep themselves busy in the states, the lovely Yvonne Strahovski is off in Australia shooting the film I, Frankenstein. According to her Twitter account, we can expect to see the movie next February. Can’t wait that long? Well no worries, she’s got another film, The Guilt Trip, due to be released this fall. So yes, Chucksters, we’ll get two Yvonne movies in the span of six months. It doesn’t make us miss Chuck any less, but we’ll happily take Yvonne on the big screen!

Last, but not least, in “news you can use”… Chuck will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on May 8th. We’re certainly excited! The list of bonus features promises some fun… and probably a few tears as well. We know many, MANY fans have been asking about the chances of a Chuck movie someday. We’ll be honest with you guys, a film is a long shot, but we all know that sometimes long shots hit their mark. Any possible movie is probably a few years off, but in the meantime, Warner Brothers needs to realize that Chuck is still very much in demand. The easiest way for us to show that is to buy the show on DVD or Blu-ray. So go ahead and pre-order season five. Don’t have the previous seasons? Well order those too. Worst case scenario, you’ll be in for an awesome rewatch. Best case scenario, you’ll show some execs that the Chuck fans are still out here and hungry for more!

Saying farewell to Chuck:
by @RBhockey16 

10 thumbs up for an amazing run.

Ever since Chuck was renewed for a fifth and final season, I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to say in this post.  How do you say goodbye to not only a show, but the people who have meant so much to us the past five years?  I’ll admit, I haven’t been looking forward to writing this.  There is so much I want to say, but for someone who isn’t always good with words, and maybe even for those of you who are, expressing that gratitude and appreciation isn’t the easiest task. But I’ll give it a go.

I discovered Chuck by accident at the start of season two.  Flipping through channels, I couldn’t find anything to watch and somehow ended up landing on Chuck.  I had no idea what the show was about or what was going on, but something made me stop there.  It looked like a fun show and so I watched.  By the end of the episode I was hooked.  Little did I know then the impact Chuck would have on my life.  I came back week after week, becoming more captivated each time.  Towards the end of season 2, after learning Chuck was on the bubble, I started actively campaigning and buying Subway sandwiches to try and get the show back.  Needless to say, Chuck came back, again and again… and again.  Three years later, I’m looking back on one of the most incredible journeys I’ve ever taken.  It’s been a rollercoaster over the years, but it’s been so much fun!  

Before Chuck, I had never become so emotionally invested in a show and I had NEVER fought to save one.  And for many of you, I’m guessing that’s probably true too.  Why though?  Why has this quirky spy show taken such a hold of us?  The list goes on and on, but one of the most important reasons for me is the characters.  Good shows have great characters, but great shows make us care about those characters and what happens to them.  From the very beginning, Chuck was able to pull at our heart strings with loveable characters.  We’ve cheered them on along the way and feel as though we know them, because we’ve watched them grow up before our eyes.  That has been one of my favorite things. 

One of a kind cast.

Another important reason doesn’t have to do with the show so much as the people behind it.  Along the way, this cast and crew have captured our hearts just as much as their characters.  We can see how much fun they have making the show because their chemistry radiates through our screens.  We can tell that they are invested, which makes it that much easier to become invested ourselves.  But it’s not just how well they do their jobs; it’s how down to earth and kind they are; it’s how much they care.  Why do we care so much about Chuck?  It’s because they do.  Not only that, but they care about US.  We’ve continued to fight for them because we knew how much they appreciated it.  They have brought us into their world and made us a part of the family.  They didn’t have to, but they did because that’s who they are.  We are important to them and they show it.  It’s this mutual love and appreciation that’s created a lasting and special bond.

Chuck is special.  It’s a show with tremendous heart, and it proved to us that amongst all the junk, there was still good television out there.  We grew to love Chuck unconditionally.  Even through the ups and downs, we continued fighting to keep Chuck with us. Why? Because it was our show too, the cast and crew made sure of that.

It's hard to say goodbye.

Chuck has meant a lot of things to a lot of different people and maybe that’s why it’s so hard to see it go.  It’s difficult for people outside the Chuck family to understand what this show means to us and the void we’re going to feel when it’s over.  If you’re like me then you’ve always gotten funny looks when you talk about fighting to save Chuck, or how much you love the show.  But what those on the outside don’t realize is that Chuck is much more than just a show.  Maybe it’s how you met your best friend, or maybe it’s given you the confidence to go out and try something new.  Maybe it’s even shown you that you can do more with your life than you ever thought possible.  Whatever it is, Chuck has changed our lives in ways we never imagined.  Chuck is a community and it’s hard for those who aren’t in it to understand, but for those who are, you know exactly what it represents.  It represents a group of people that share the same passion you do.  It’s people to talk with, laugh with, and sometimes even cry with.  We share a connection, not only with each other, but with the cast, crew, and the show itself.   We’ve become a large family over these past five years and that’s why it affects us so much.

It’s okay to be sad and it’s okay to cry.  Sometimes it’s just a necessary part of the process.  Like Sarah said, “when you meet somebody you care about, it’s just hard to walk away.”  Saying goodbye is never easy, especially to something that has become such a big part of our lives.  Remember this though, even if the show is ending, we aren’t really “losing” Chuck.  Long after the final episodes air, Chuck will continue to live on through us and touch the lives of anyone willing to give it a chance.  All the experiences, all the memories, we get to take those with us.  We’ll help others to discover what we’ve enjoyed so very much.  Every time we see one of the cast or crew we’ll think of Chuck and be reminded of all the great memories.  Chuck has left us with a great gift, a great legacy.  It has changed lives, built bonds, and is living proof that we can, and did, make a difference.  We continued to believe in Chuck even when others didn’t. 

I would’ve never dreamed the journey I’d take with Chuck, and perhaps that’s part of what made it so much fun.  Simply put, I’m really going to miss Chuck.  I’m going to miss this cast, this crew and these characters that we’ve come to know and love.  That being said, I am so incredibly grateful for these past five years.  What a blessing they’ve been.  I’ve been so lucky to meet some amazing people and have so many new adventures I would’ve never had otherwise.  Chuck has changed my life in the best possible ways.  I can finish this journey happy, feeling satisfied in what we’ve accomplished, in what the show has accomplished.  Let’s face it, if what was supposed to happen, happened, Chuck probably wouldn’t have come back after season two.  Instead, we bought (sometimes literally) three more seasons and closure.  Our favorite story gets an ending, a proper ending.  And not only do we get closure, but so do the cast and crew.  They get the chance to say goodbye and so do we.  It’s something that many shows never get and it’s certainly something to be proud of.  Yep, five seasons and a finale, not too shabby!  I guess in the end, our little show that could became the little show that DID. 

So congratulations to the cast and crew for five wonderful years.  Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into Chuck and embracing the fans like no other.  Congratulations to the fans for always believing and continuing to fight.  And congratulations to you Chuck, you did it!  You beat the odds and took us on an unforgettable journey that changed our lives.  You get to go out on YOUR terms.  No one could’ve done better.

And tonight as we watch Chuck close the book on this final chapter, and our heroes take their final bow, maybe the best thing to say isn’t “goodbye” but rather, “see you later.”  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of these guys yet, our paths may very well cross again someday.  Chuck will continue to live on through all those whose lives it’s touched, and if you’ve been paying any attention to all the press the finale is getting, it’s clear that it’s touched a lot. So thank you Chuck, a million times… thank you.  We’ll save you later.